Albania is certainly an unique, unspoiled vacation spot that offers travellers an amazing opportunity to experience an exceptional culture. From historic sights and seaside scenery to the wonders of nature, this Mediterranean region has much to offer the traveler trying to find an interesting vacation.

Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Albania is a property of ponds, rivers and mountains. Excellent surprisingly warm Mediterranean conditions. It is also house to a great variety of beach locations and water sports.

This tiny European nation is located among Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro and Kosovo. It is actually easily accessible by air, and also by ferry coming from Corfu. Costly ideal intimate getaway. It is actually less than 3 hours right from London.

There are numerous museums and ancient sites to see. Albania’s nationwide art gallery may be the largest art gallery in the country, and offers visitors a very good view in the country’s history. The Gjirokaster Castle is one of the UNESCO heritage sites in the country.

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Albania also has some of the world’s finest beaches. This small region features a coral reefs fringed coastline with translucent warm waters. The Albanian Marina is home to various of aspirational accommodations, and right now there are plenty of private beaches.

While not as well known as some of its more famous Euro counterparts, Albania offers a unique and exciting charming getaway. This country is relatively unfamiliar to visitors, but it is normally fast gaining interest as a place to go for couples who would like to escape this town and rest. Its cosmopolitan feel and look is a great draw, and its cheap rates make facts about dating an albanian woman that an affordable option for some of those traveling on a budget.